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2021-12-22 06:21:29 By : Mr. Peter Zhao

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It was supposed to be a normal family gathering with the one-year old girl as the center of their attention in Manapla town of Negros Occidental on Sunday night, Dec. 5.

But all of a sudden, the girl slump on the floor with her head bleeding from what turned out to be a bulletwound.

A few minutes before the incident, 46-year old Nomar Bero was reportedly seen toying with a .38 revolverwhich he fired twice near the victim’s residence.

One of the bullets he fired hit the wall of the victim’s house which is made of corrugated galvanized iron sheet and landed on the head of the victim who was then playing with her grandparents and other relatives.

The victim was rushed to the hospital in Manapla town and transferred to another medical facility in Bacolod City. Unfortunately, the victim died past 11 p.m. the following day.

Gen. Dionardo Carlos, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bero is now under police custody after he surrendered the following day when he learned of the tragedy. He also turned over the gun to the local police.

“He will be charged accordingly, based on the appreciation of the prosecutor of the evidence presented by police investigators,” said Carlos.

Carlos said he had already instructed the Western Visayas regional police to closely monitor the progress of investigation to establish an airtight case leading to a successful prosecution.

“As we dig deeper into this, we would like to check on the documents of the suspects for carrying such firearm. Our investigators are already preparing all material and testimonial evidence to support the case,” said Carlos.

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